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We are a full service consulting partner providing creative human resources options and solutions and providing guidance to reduce potential human resources problems.

Strategic and Performance Enhancing Services provided are: (Please contact us if you want more information.)



Organizational & HR Audits
How effective are your managers in leading their respective areas of responsibilities congruent with your company's performance goals and leadership? Through our hands-on, face to face interviews and assessments, we provide you with a complete assessment of your company's "state of leadership."

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Employee Opinion Surveys
Satisfied employees create satisfied customers.  Satisfied customers drive your business results. But most employees (and customers) are not going to tell you about their experiences with your organization unless they're asked.  And they won't tell you the whole story unless they are asked in a confidential, secure fashion. Utilize the power of our objective data to improve your business performance. read more>

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Union Vulnerability Studies
Congress is seriously considering passing the Employee Free Choice Act “EFCA.”  It is receiving support from both Democrats and Republicans.  EFCA would severely limit employer’s rights to oppose unionization; signed union authorization cards would substitute for secret ballot elections conducted by the NLRB.  Now more than ever before it is imperative that organizations assess the status of their work force to determine “weak” spots that could trigger a union organizing drive without management even knowing about it before it’s too late.

In conjunction with our Organizational and HR Audits, our experienced associates can also assess and provide a detailed analysis of areas of union vulnerability.   This written, comprehensive analysis will provide key executives with a “road map” to where problem areas exist and offer alternatives to address them.

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Performance Management
An effective performance management system should result in continuous improvement to an organization, and provide a means to improve the performance and development of employees.  Our customized programs incorporate key performance criteria that correspond to and are aligned with an organization’s strategies and objectives.   Areas typically addressed are:

  • Financial Results
  • Customer Concerns
  • Processes and Operations
  • Business Competition
  • Changing Technology
  • Return on Human Capital, and
  • Flexibility to Change Business Direction. 

Results an organization should anticipate if the recommended performance management program is followed are:

  • Improved focus on the business
  • Goals and performance are kept “on track”
  • Flexibility to reset goals/adapt to a changing business environment
  • Accurate information to assess and support employee development needs
  • Identify, develop and reward top performers
  • Identify and develop performance improvement plans for sub-standard performers

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At IHRS, we believe that compensation plans should be designed in the context of an organization’s strategic goals and objectives.  Within that context these plans should:

  • Incent high levels of performance
  • Reward performance excellence
  • Retain key employees and top performers
  • Provide internal and external equity (internal in comparison to similarly rated jobs and external to the talent market place)
  • Fit the short and long-term cost parameters of the organization

Our associates are experienced in developing customized compensation plans that meet the above design criteria within the framework of your organization’s unique needs.  We design plans that range from traditional salary and wage programs to those that contain variable pay components – such as performance incentive plans, bonus plans, profit sharing or other alternative concepts.

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Staffing/"Talent Acquistion and Management"
Organizations in today’s environment need more than ever before to find the most qualified and talented people.  Between competitive pressures both domestically and internationally, to dire predictions of significant shortages of educated, trained, and experienced people, make it imperative that organizations plan now for their staffing needs over the long haul.

Our associates can help you with that process by assessing your current “bench strength,” comparing that status with what your needs are anticipated to be over various time periods, and develop a customized, flexible plan to guide you in achieving the goals that are set.  Key components of such a plan include:

  • Succession planning
  • Training and development programs, and
  • Performance management (see above discussion)
  • Developing internal and external sources for talent

Our experienced associates are accomplished at locating just the just the right person for your staff.  Searches may be done locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally.  We prefer conducting our searches on a retained search basis, and offer significant discounts to clients where we have an already established relationship in any of our other consulting practice areas.

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Policy/Procedure Development
We believe that well-crafted policies and procedures will result in a significant positive impact upon an organization’s productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, as well as constructively influencing employee morale.  In contrast policies and procedures that are not thought out, thorough, written well and clearly communicated can have consequences ranging from ineffective and inconsistent results internally and externally to the organization, to very serious performance issues, customer dissatisfaction, and employee morale problems.

IHRS also believes that well-crafted policies and procedures should be developed that are “employee friendly,” yet concurrently aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.  They should be developed with flexibility so that as an organization incurs a changing operating environment, so too the policies and procedures can be rapidly and readily adapted to meet those challenges. 

Our associates have extensive experience assessing an organization’s polices and procedures, and can work with you to refine existing ones and develop new ones that should be implemented to address the needs of your organization.

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Employee Handbooks
As policies and procedures are primarily “on the books” to serve as guides for managers and supervisors, employee handbooks serve this same purpose for employees. Handbooks are useful and workable tools that provide employees with information about your organization, its expectations, work rules, benefits and other employee related matters.  Well-written, clear and concise handbooks also provide a solid framework to help protect your organization from legal issues resulting from the myriad of laws governing employment.

Portions of handbooks contain information that can remain unchanged for lengthy periods of time.  However, changing laws, through legislation, the courts and governmental regulators significantly affect other portions of handbooks on a regular basis.  Business environment and societal changes over time also affect the contents of handbooks.  For these reasons it is imperative that your handbooks be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they meet the needs and expectations of your organization and your employees.

IHRS associates have extensive experience in the human resources field and know how to craft employee handbooks so they are user friendly, while avoiding the pitfalls that occur when they are poorly written. 

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Executive/Managerial/Supervisory Training

Development and Coaching



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